I don’t have resolutions. I have revolutions. I have been ramping up all year to make some changes. It has been a gradual shift. There were subtle ways in which I made changes.

There are simple questions I had to ask myself to figure out what I wanted to accomplish. The answers were not so simple to implement. Habits fought for their right to live. Every day I made small changes.

Trying to change someone else or my children is not my goal. I had to change. There were some difficult times. There were some consequences about as a result of my shifting beliefs. Letting go of the picture I had in my mind of the ideal life was key.

Love is the answer in dealing with the kids. Listening to them and not being distracted when they talk to me and showing them that they are important is another component. Valuing their opinions is also another aspect. I had to slow down and stop being pulled in so many directions.

As parents we have a responsibility to train our children to honor their parents. They learn from their parents. We don’t want to make them angry and bitter. I don’t want to discourage them.